I would love to say that these posts are completely fictional… but then I’d be lying.  Although honestly, who wouldn’t want to take credit for the craziness that goes on in my life?

Get a little taste…

The picture above is me “MacGyver-ing” my broken glasses at the bar with a bread twisty tie.

This  is a collection of wildly entertaining events that ACTUALLY HAPPENED.  If you are easily offended then this is probably not the blog for you!

I am 25 years old.  I graduated with my Bachelor’s degree in December of 2010.  I work two jobs to make ends meet; school by day and bar by night.  I am a single woman interested in men.  I like to laugh hard.  Writing this blog is my daily therapy…

Read my ridiculous posts on the right hand side.  For now I’m posting daily but I usually don’t keep up with anything so eventually I will be posting weekly.

Enjoy, party people!


2 thoughts on “About

  1. David says:

    There should be a blog out there committed to people MacGyver-ing things. Heck, it’s the Internet… I’m sure that blog already exists.

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